Vancouver BC to Whistler BC - 8,806 kms

Jul 21, 2014

The thumbnail is a shot of the bridge we left Vancouver on as we headed north for Whistler.


We have had a spectacular day and loved every minute of the ride. The views from ocean to mountain and everywhere in between have been just awesome. We've also loved the fragrance of cedar timber in the villages especially where ther has been new construction underway, it's reminded us both of our cedar house in Minniedale Road. This was the first shot for the day soon after we started to climb up from the ocean into lush forest.


And this is a view as we were well and truly above the ocean.


We had a coffee at Squamish and this is a shot at the waterfront. You can see plenty of logs which have washed up from where logs are loaded on ships further around the waterfront from here.


Lunch stop was at the Creekside Village and this is a typically pretty building we saw here and beyond, in fact the value of real estate we have seen has been staggering!


A shot as we headed up the Whistler Village Gondola. We couldn't get over the number of mountain bikes and riders who also caught all the gondolas and chairlifts we did today and then hurtled down the mountain!


And a shot from the chairlift to the Whistler summit.


The Summit, starting to be overtaken by cloud.


And a view back to where we had come from and this shot has been shrunken in.


The cloud coming in as we headed across on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola from Whistler to Rendezvous Lodge with the intention to head up the 7th Heaven Express Chair Lift but the cloud beat us so we headed back down from the lodge, and let me tell you we were definitely wearing the right gear for the temperature since we still had our bike gear on.


Also from the Gondola, when we were over the river we were quarter of a mile above it.


The square in Whistler where the original Gondola left from.


A view along the street in the village and the foot traffic increased as the evening went on.

Bits and Bobs:


Headed back to the 'Back Forty' for dinner last night and this is the seating sign. Means just grab a spot where it suits and they'll find you.


And the reverse of the sign we showed you the other day. I think we have all worked at some time with people who have this problem.


And we missed a great sign today because we couldn't stop which had a picture of a bear and said "Caution bears next 60km, do not feed bears" but this one we did get a shot of as we lined up for the gondola ride up Mt Whistler.

Last two Night's Accommodation:

Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Downtown Vancouver, 111 Robson Street, Vancouver BC V6B 2AB

Comfortable room and amenities. On site bar restaurant and parking. Included wifi and breakfast. Ideal spot if you want to attend a game at the BC stadium literally across the street and walking distance to lots of other great spots.