Tupelo, Mississippi Via Graceland Tennesee to Memphis Tennesee - 4,486km

May 24, 2015

The morning was a pleasant temperature to ride into Graceland and the traffic was remarkably quiet given the Memorial Day Weekend (to honour all who have and do serve in the military). We arrived at Graceland shortly after 10am but still had to wait until midday for a tour to the Mansion so visited a number of other sites and we enjoyed the experience. We were blown away to hear that Elvis's 70's comeback concert was viewed by over 1.5 billion people worldwide, even more than the landing on the moon! We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and hearing more of Elvis's generosity to his community near and far and had a real sense of sadness that his life ended way too soon. To say his legacy in employment opportunities in both Tupelo and  in Memphis is enormous would be an understatement. Again the pictures can tell the story.


The entry from the car park to the Graceland machine.


The Lisa Marie plane which was used for trips to concerts all over the country and private trips anywhere the family wanted to go.


The front of the Graceland Mansion bought when Elvis was 27. His parents and grandmother also lived here with him.


The lounge and through to the music room.


And the dining room. The china on the table is the wedding china given to Elvis and Priscilla.


And the road which not surprisingly Graceland is situated on ... Elvis Presley Boulevard.


Approaching Downtown Memphis. Not far past here we turned the corner past Sun Records which was where Elvis started off and there was a line right up the street and a couple of coaches out in front.


A Downtown Memphis view.


Lots of horses and carriage rides available in Memphis and here's the 'horse rank' or whatever it's called.

Bits and Bobs:


Liked this sign in Huey's Bar and Grill Downtown Memphis where we had a late lunch.

Last Night's Accommodation:


Hilton Garden Inn Tupelo, 363E Main Street, Tupelo, MS, 38804
Very nice room and surroundings and a restaurant as well so we don't have to head out for dinner, yay! The day was big enough without having to do that as well. Impressed to see that their pool has a lift into the pool for wheelchair bound people.