Holbrook, Arizona Via Winslow, Meteor Crater, Flagstaff and Munds Park to Sedona, Arizona - 10,509kms

Jun 12, 2015

A reasonably kick back day but we managed to stretch it out and loved the whole day, even the solid rain and hail where there wasn't supposed to be any. Gotta love being on the road.


A taste of the neon signs in Holbrook after dinner last night. This was part of Route 66 and there are lots of examples of 'Main Street America' to be seen.


The Historic train Station on Bucket of Blood Street ... I kid you not!


Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona and such a lovely sight to see ...


Dan's diner Winslow for a chocolate milkshake. Beautiful old building and great ambience. Place was full of tourists, most of them on motorbikes.


A windmill in a memorial park which caught my eye.


We visited the meteor crater west of Winslow. 1 mile long and 3/4 mile wide and was 750m deep but gradually silting up over time with wind erosion. We saw this from the air in 1998 when we flew from LA to New Orleans and never dreamt we would see it first hand.


Looking west from the Meteor Crater to the thunderstorm we were about to ride through which wasn't supposed to be happening. ha ha.


Welcome to Red Rock Country as we approached Oak Valley.


And we headed into Sedona.


Wow, where to look, the views keep jumping into our view and is it any wonder heaps of movies have been made in this environment.


The view from our hotel room. Glad we will have time to explore tomorrow.


And a bit of fun with a sculpture in the garden.


Bits and Bobs:


The opening hours 'ish at the Petrified Wood Company in Holbrook, way too much stuff for me to even tolerate there.


Last Night's Accommodation:


Lexington Inn Holbrook, 1308 Navajo Boulevard, Holbrook, AZ 86025

We rocked up and there was literally no other vehicles in the car park so we were wondering if this was the Holbrook version of Hotel California where you can check out anytime you like  but you can never leave. Imagine our relief to get back from dinner to find the car park full. Phew. Anyway, large comfortable rooms and not a bad included breakfast.  The hotel also wins the award for the best located toilet roll holder being in the most obvious / practical / reachable spot in the bathroom so you can reach it without dislocating any joints, go figure .... given all the other places we have stayed.