Hammond LA to Birmingham AL – 5,203kms (640kms travelled today)

Sep 03, 2019

We’ve had a hot day of riding today with temperatures near the 100F. Glad we got some directions from Kev’s friends of some country roads to use to avoid a lot of Interstates and the bonus this morning was that they were also nice and shaded. Lots of forests, logging and farming areas with hay, silage, sale yards, signs of bull sales …and no cattle in sight so is that because a. there are only hobby farmers properties next to the roads and therefore no cattle visible? I suspect not or b. the cattle activity here is in feedlots not close to the roads … more than likely I suspect. Have continued to see lots of eagles today, I think we’ve seen way more this trip than any other so not sure why that is since we have previously been in predominantly country areas, but we’re enjoying it anyway.


Had to take a pic of the Ranger with the fire warning, reminded us of the Yogi Bear cartoons.


Our very first drive in / ride in restaurant. 

IMG_7636 1.png 

Gave Norm a chance to replace my headlight globe in the shade.


Coffee spot ... we didn't see any flying pigs but soaked up the airconditioning in the 100F heat.


The Smith County Court House and Veterans Memorial in Raleigh.


Fuel stop and loved the No Solicitors sign … obviously means no Soliciting but it cracked me up.

 IMG_7643 (3.png

Saw many convoys of Electric Transmission line vehicles heading for the coast for post hurricane repair. This is a small one. Also saw semi-trailers full of electric transformers. Felt quite emotional seeing these guys heading to the turmoil. The hurricane stalled over the Bermuda Islands with the eye of the hurricane in place over land for 36 - 40 hours. Incredible! The hurricane is expected to skate up the east coast along the east side of Florida (all areas of the state are declared under a state of emergency)… we will see how things look tomorrow but no apparent danger to usaas we are well to the west of there and on the other side of the Applaachians.

 IMG_7647 (3.png

And the tag on the back of the cab took Norm’s fancy ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.

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