Warm Springs VA to Cumberland MD – 6,966kms (238kms travelled today)

Sep 10, 2019

Another cool start with comfortable travel throughout the day, partly due to the temperature and partly to being in the shade for most of the day travelling on country roads with only the last 2kms on an Interstate. Yay. We rode through mountainous hillsides, forested hills and open farmland. Even saw a few cattle and sheep and with or without the scattered settlements we saw the ride would have been magnificent with dappled shade, rugged rocky outcrops, rippling streams and more leaf confetti and leaves on the ground to swirl through. It would seem the fall / autumn has arrived in these here parts even if it isn’t official until September 21st over here. Norm spent some time exploring Downtown Cumberland this afternoon while I caught up on some NTC work.

IMG_8066 (2).png 

Part of the Old Dairy at Warm Springs. It is an intriguing historic little settlement which has had many historic buildings retained and well maintained. Very nice.

 IMG_8069 (2).png

And quite the oppsite, a bit down at heel later in the morning.

 IMG_8075 (1).png

A little bit of country delight.


Lovely country roads.

 IMG_8087 (2).png

A specie house in Franklin.

IMG_8096 (2).png 

A cute little tractor sign finally got a pic.


My next ride…a Slingshot. Nah,

 IMG_8113 (2).png

More country roads and even more rugged rocks in them thar hills.


The Mall Downtown Cumberland.

 IMG_8150 (2).png

The historic West Maryland Station.


An impressive tribute to the developent of travel in front of the West Maryland Station.


And our hotel for the night The Ramada by Wyndham. Can't get much closer parking than that!

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