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Well Sunday just past saw a family roast lunch here to catch up with family and a chance to ‘farewell the olds’ which was great and then a headlong rush to Friday to tie up all the loose ends so we could head off to stay the night with Sharen and Ken tonight in Canterbury before we all head for the airport in the morning.

A bonus for some of the grandkids after lunch was a ride around the yard on the back of the Bedford since Norm had fitted an electronic fuel pump much to the delight of the kids large and small.

Cannot believe it but we have finally started the great trek to the USA and Canada and greatly relieved we have. We seem to have been thoroughly immersed with our own Business plus Industry matters over the last few weeks and are relieved we can now call ‘halt’ to all that, take a big breath and just relax. P-H-E-W!!

We are grateful our children and other employees will be holding the fort on the business front in our absence and the fact that our business operates from our home and things are happening all the time with people moving to and fro all hours of the day and night is good security and an added bonus is having our friend Kurt house sitting in our absence.

Kurt chauffeured us down to Melbourne in his Citroen so here we are about to leave home.

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Well the countdown is on and I’ve finally figured out how come we always seem to be involved in such huge projects before we head off for a break ….. we’re ALWAYS involved in HUGE projects and this year has been no different with a major undertaking with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and another one with Transport SA and Vic Roads this week ….. we really are a couple of nutcases! BUT at the end of all this craziness we are hoping for some positive outcomes for our people and will be riding our motorbikes around Canada and the USA. Yay!!!! Cannot wait to experience the roads, people and scenery of these two great nations and discover again what is the same and what is different in their Transport and Logistics Supply Chain …. Oh and also have a bit of a break at the same time to charge the batteries for another year.

Hope you can come along for the ride!

The sifting and sorting begins with what we must fit in cases and what is optional. The first trip of a series is always a challenge with a lot of bike gear so we are confident we have what we need to start the trip The list includes helmets, boots, gloves, neck warmers, kevlar jeans. waterproof suits, bike covers and the list goes on……and that’s not even looking at regular clothes. We ultimately leave the worn out bike stuff behind so never as much to bring back (thankfully). Now I start making lists and laying clothes out and gradually culling things to a manageable size (I hope).

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