Exploring the Springfield area and beyond - 555kms

Jun 19, 2014

We did a bit of exploring today and since we had come directly to here yesterday to avoid the rain we went back through Petersberg and Havana which we had missed yesterday.

Yesterday the view was largely of huge areas of broad acre farming with cropping predominantly corn which stetched for as far as the eye could see in all directions. Today the terrain was slightly more undulating than yesterday and largely smaller land holdings but still just as picturesque. I'd just been thinking there must be good access to water seeing all the extensive irrigation systems in place and then we crossed the Illinois River....and enough said. It is huge and has massive levy banks each side.

The area we explored was the area Abraham Lincoln grew up and lived in before he headed to Washington as President. Springfield is a stately city with many grand buildings, Petersburg looked a bit tired to me as did Havana. Rushville we thought was the prettiest town we  ravelled through.

Not sure what the temperature got to today but it was again oppressively hot and humid and a challenge in staying hydrated on the bikes.


The ride into Lincoln's New Salem Village was reminiscent of the heavily wooded Forrests we rode through in the UK. It was magnificently lush and ultragreen. Just beautiful and probably gives a glinpse of how things looked long ago before clearing of the land for farming.


This was the home Abraham and Mary Lincoln bought in Springfield (half its size when they bought it and before their family grew) and lived in it for17 years.


A bonus for us was finding another Frank Lloyd Wright designed building (Dana-Thomas House) which we just managed to get in to see. Loved it!


On our way to dinner we decided to take a shot of one of the 2 rail lines which run through the city. Neither have fences beside them, apparently Citizens know to be responsible about where they walk. Go figure!

Night before last night's Accomodation: 

Hyatt Place, 5225 South Harper Avenue,Chicago, IL 60615

A nice spot to stay, plenty of room in our suite. Staff very friendly and helpful and the bed was sublime. 24 hour cafe on site and bar as well (not sure if that was 24hour or not). Lots of places to sit and chill out and relax and breakfast to start the day.