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Category: Travel to New Zealand


Just a lovely day of riding, enjoying the view, breathing in the ocean air in patches and looking forward to heading off on the ferry to the North Island tomorrow. Was good to see the post Kaikoura Earthquake infrastructure works have progressed well up the coast road and Kaikoura itself looks quite renewed. We again were blown away with the great warmth of our hosts no matter where we went.

 IMG_8480 (2).JPG

Fossil Point for coffee and no it doesn’t refer to the age of clients but the fossils along the shore which can be found at low tide.

 IMG_8504 (2).JPG

Lots of good views of railway bridges over glacial watercourses.


Lined up at roadworks (one of many).


Lots of tunnels on the road and rail.

 IMG_8571 (2).JPG

The troops are coming (a mobile shot over Norm shoulder)

IMG_8581 (2).JPG 

Crayfish lunch on the shore at Nin's Bin.

IMG_8583 (2).JPG 

A disaster waiting to happen...or bored waiting for lunch perhaps.

IMG_8596 (2).JPG 

Underpass works on the railroad, impressive.

 IMG_8598 (2).JPG

Lots of grapevines and wineries to be seen in the Marlborough region. The leaves being a sharp contrast to the dry grass on the hills behind.

 IMG_8608 (2).JPG

Tonight’s accommodation (we stayed here last year) Very nice. Ok so not a great shot of the Motel but not bad of the bikes … just saying.


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Category: Travel to New Zealand

After a leisurely sleep in we rounded up a couple of taxi’s and headed off to collect our bikes, got our WOF / Warrant of Fitness and registration for our bikes then off for a brief bit of exploring.


At the VTNZ station almost finished with the WOF’s, last bike coming out so the bikes road approved for NZ.

 20200130_153352 (2).jpg

A brief shot towards Lyttleton Port. A bit cloudy / smoky.


Last night and tonight’s accommodation an Air BnB.



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Category: Travel to New Zealand

Much excitement today as we headed to the airport to follow our bikes which we packed in a container on December 23rd. Good flight, very gusty / bumpy landing and a short trip to our Accommodation and then a welcome shower and bed and plans to collect bikes tomorrow.

 20200129_114623 (2).jpg

Waiting for our ride to arrive.

20200129_144817 (2).jpg 

Unloading our luggage and a handy shot so we don’t forget where to retrieve the car from.


Waiting for the kiosk to open.

 (waiting n this pic)

Through the gate and time for a toast before we board.

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