Sidney NE to Torrington WY - 2,980 kms

Jun 28, 2014

The thumbnail shot is Chimney Rock with another cliff behind.

Well today was without doubt a day for landmarks as we started to move from the plains into the sandy hummocks and hills and heading toward more rugged lands ahead. I'll let the pictures tell the story.


The first one is Courthouse & Jail Rock at East Camp Clark.


And this is Chimney Rock which has been named a National Historic Site and it indicated to the travellers that the monotonous flat plains were about to change and become more rugged terrain.


Sue (Travel Agent Extrordinaire) commented a few days ago that it looked like the spire of the Church of Christ Centre at Indpendence might have been modelled on it and this is it....what do you think?


Another National Historic Site Scotts Bluff.


Scotts Bluff. This is to the right of the Mitchell Pass which ran through the middle of the bluff.Originally wagon trains travelled around the south face of the bluff which was a lot longer trip so when the Mitchell Pass was discovered it reduced travelling time greatly though for the life of me I don't know how they found their way around the hundreds of sandy hills and valleys. This particular landmark is called The Saddle.


Our park entry fee meant we could ride pretty much to the top which we didn't expect. Awesome!


And the route back down through tight winding corners and tunnels.


And this is the route through the Pass.



In search of the Robidoux Road reconstructed trading post which we finally found.


The view back down the valley from the trading post. We continued on from here through to the Carter Canyon Road and back to the tarmac. The big treat was being totally by ourselves and having eagles soaring above our heads. Incredible.


We had a late bite of lunch then headed for our lodgings for tonight. Been a comfortable day for travelling. The strong wind we started out with has lessened and the temperature has gone from chilly to comfortable. Very nice.


A view of one of the canyons as we climbed to our accommodation tonight.

Bits and Bobs:

Well after travelling through miles and miles of corn fields and a few other crops (beans for one) for many days we have only seen corn where there is irrigation today and now rolling grassland. Tonight we are in Wyoming on the top of a windswept hill surrounded by lush grassy slopes with rugged canyons back down 4 - 500 feet to the plains and the township of Torrington. This growth is un-seasonal, the grass would normally be much sparser and a lot shorter as this is high plain dessert country but the view we have is following unusually heavy rain. I'm glad we saw it.


A shot of the least servo looking servo we have fueled up at so far.


And this is the old pump inside the shop.


And a snake crossing the Robidoux Road in front of Norm. They both stopped and looked at each other for a bit then it slithered off the road. About 6 feet long.

Last night's Accommodation: 

Hampton Inn Sidney, 635 Cabelas Drive, Sidney, NE 69162

La Quinta Inn & Suites, 2600 Eagles Place, North Platte, NE 69162

A lovely comfortable spot. Large comfortable bed, spacious room, included breakfast, parking, wifi and breakfast. Just across the street to a steak house / bar with great service and a discount to hotel patrons. Good value. Pleased to report the tornado warning just led to a lot of wind rain thunder and lightening.