Moondance Bay Resort BC to Jasper AB - 9,579 Kms

Jul 23, 2014

Thumbnail is soon after we headed out this morning to grey cloudy skies and light rain, and while we are talking weather, the moon didn't dance on the bay last night it was stuck behind clouds. The weather thankfully cleared and even though there was to be heavy rain behind us we stayed dry and for the most part rode under clear skies and some sun as well so comfortable.


We fuelled up at Little Fort and this was the quirky barn across from the fuel station. The sign said 'Little Fort Herefords'.


The sights we saw again today were awe inspiring and hard to limit here. This was a shot of water typically galloping down from glacial mountains (hence the cloudy colour). So many better shots, but this one I could get.


Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Rockies according to the gentleman we talked to at this rest stop taking a coffee break in his 5th wheeler. He had been part of the construction crew which built the original road 47 years ago, up until that time there was only a trail which was often impassable. The rail line was already through. He told us there is a rest stop closer to Jasper (a few kilometers further) and the construction camp they lived in was on the opposite side of the road and if they walked east along a track they reached the Fraser River and the rail line. He said they would come by train from Jasper at the start of the week to the camp and then flag the train down on Saturday to go back to Jasper to drink beer. Sounds about right. The crew from the other end caught the train from Blue River in until both ends finally met up. Must have been an awesome project and to think we see this as remote now, how much more so must it have been then!


Norm after the perfect shot of yet more snow covered mountains. We also saw some awesome freight trains. By the way, the white spots are some sort of seeds in silky groups of thread floating in the air, we were surrounded by them in a number of places today.


Mount Fitzwilliam. Just beyond here we came across a lot of marsy reed surrounded water again and Norm hoped we might yet see some moose attending their daily ablutions and splashing a bit of water up to the arm / leg pits but to no avail. This would be a preferable place to find them rather than on the road.


The Jasper National Park Entrance and I had to put this one in because it has an eagle right in the centre.

Bits and Bobs:


A tuck at Little Fort this morning. These are concrete railway sleepers but different to the ones we sometimes carry as they are in groups. Check out the truck / trailer configuration.


Yes our lunchtime diner had a phone at the table. This was a 'Husky' Diner and we read that they had started here at Blue River which started as a logging camp and has developed into a snowmobile hot spots as well as helicopter skiing and just about any other scary thing you can do on snow which appeals to adrenaline junkies. This is the ideal spot (further up the , mountain I suspect) as they have a 40 foot snowfall each year.....and yes I did say 40 foot. Not all at the same time obviously but makes for great powder sports....or so the blurb stated.


We saw bear warning signs all over the place today. This is at the start of a trail at the foot of Mount Robson.

Last Night's Accommodation:

Moondance Bay Resort, 7237 Johnstone Road, Bridge Lake. BC, VOK 1X2

A good spot for people who want to retreat from the world with no TV, internet or wifi and the only food options those you bring in yourself, source from local general stores or you catch yourself in the lake. Comfortable cabin and bathroom, comfortable space overall with 2 couches and a self contained kitchenette. Deck chairs and table to relax on the veranda and picnic table and fire pit as well. Guest B-B-Q available as well as a fish shed for cleaning the catch and good children's playground as well as boats to hire. Nice spot for families and lots of caravan and RV sites as well. Good value and an interesting change for us rounding up dinner choices with limited space on the bikes.