R&R in Portland OR

Jul 15, 2014

We had a lay back day today. Left the bikes to be serviced in a shop last night which was great of them. There had been a misunderstanding with the booking so they weren't booked in but they took them anyway. Phew, so all praise to Pro Caliber, 10703 NE 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver WA www.procalibervancouver.comĀ 


A quirky shot of a sculpture Norm came across today.


We slept in this morning, counted the achy bits (many and varied) then headed down for breakfast and to do some washing and upload the photos onto the blog since the internet wasn't behaving last night. This is a fountain Norm found along with some people cooling off in it.


I went and got my hair done this afternoon and Norm went in search of the 'Voodoo Donuts' store which is apparently world famous and he likes donuts. This is the store he found.


This is what he found around the corner when he went looking for the door and while he might have to queue for work purposes at times, he doesn't queue for fun so he kept walking.


And in Norm's travels he also found China Town.