Atlanta, Georgia Via Talladega National Forest (Scenic Highway) to Montgomery Alabama - 3,041km

May 20, 2015

We enjoyed our ride to Montgomery and again since we traveled through State Parks and Scenic Highways and country roads we had very little traffic and just enjoyed the experience. We traveled over the highest point in the state of Alabama in the Cheaha State Park and through lots of luxuriant rainforest type growth and pine forest as well as farming country. We have been spoiled having so much green around us and so little traffic and other people so good therapy for these two old battle weary bods.


We headed for Heflin to get onto the Talladega National Forest Scenic Highway and we found the Cleburne County Courthouse which was beautifully maintained.


We wound our way through the Talladega National Forest to the end of one road and headed down a country road (called just that) and very soon came upon this log truck. Norm was intrigued by the overhang .... clearly not in Australia.


We went for a bit of a wander around downtown Montgomery when we got in and discovered we were in an area where the slave trade was centred and some of the signs around are really confronting. The area is in the process of refurbishment and has been for a number of years but there are many empty buildings. This is a shot to the Alabama State Capitol .... situated onĀ  .... wait for it ... Goat Hill!! Loved it.


And this is a shot of the Court Square Fountain (with the State Capitol to the right past the fountain 6 blocks away). Every building you can see around the square, and a number up the street in front are all empty.


The Alley, a former Rail Station building where many restaurants are housed.


And at the rear of the Alley to the left is the Mexican Restaurant where we plan to have dinner tonight.


Murphy House built in 1851 by John H Murphy who among other things was a slave trader. The slave trade was a very lucrative business and the whole idea of it makes my skin crawl. The building was refurbished by the Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board in 1970.


And part of the refurbishment of the area is also our hotel which was refurbished in 2009 and has been beautifully done. This is the lobby.

Bits and Bobs:


Morning coffee at McDonalds. Their latte is quite acceptable though we have a hard time convincing them we don't want any flavours added to it!


As we drove through the Cheaha State Park we were stopped to wait for a pilot car to escort us through the roadworks. We hadn't met any cars before this and few afterwards. The speed limit was 72kmh and in spite of this we hurtled along at up to 80kmh to keep up to the car. Gotta love it.

Last Night's Accommodation:


Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Downtown, 161 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Another comfortable spot to drop and relax. Clean and lovely facilities with a complimentary continental breakfast. Parking beside hotel so handy. We even managed to find the weather channel #326!!! A smaller room than previously but beautifully appointed. The front entrance is closed off and you now enter from the car park so took that shot.

Complimentary Continental breakfast is an interesting exercise. We've found these vary from some juice cereal and pastries to scrambled egg, breakfast potatoes and sausage and or bacon as well as pancakes or waffles or egg and bacon or sausage and egg muffins. So far only found one with black tea so we carry our own. Have even found some reasonable coffee.