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Denver, Colorado Via Vail to Moab, Utah - 9,078kms

Jun 07, 2015

If you ever get to Denver Colorado, do yourself a favour and get your butt on a motorbike, in a car, coach or truck and get on Interstate 70 West and head for Moab Utah and be prepared to be blown away by the continuing change of spectacular mountains, canyons, cliffs, rocky outcrops, thundering rivers, broad plains and every colour you can imagine in the rocks. Wow, wow and wow .. and we thought it might be a bit of a featureless day, couldn't have been more wrong! Our trek climbed out of Denver into what had to be the ski hub of Denver and homes / holiday homes of the rich and famous and randomly wealthy then on further to full on snow and ski slopes then dropped down to find grassland and intensive farming and a quick ride through Vail to see more of the speccie real estate of the rich and famous and on through canyons with the Colorado River absolutely thundering along on the left hand side of the road with cantilevered roads hanging out over the river from the cliff face then to huge sandy hills and onto more open land with mountains surrounding it and then to the red country of Utah and there was a photo opportunity at every corner. Feel exhausted just thinking about it and looking forward to exploring tomorrow. Norm experienced a bit of a disaster with his camera which flew off the bike and was consequently run over and the storage card couldn't be found so the majority of our pics below are courtesy of Sharen and Ken. Thanks Guys.


A bit difficult to see but a whole lot of ski runs as we came to the snow.


And heading to the Eisenhower Tunnel built in 1973, then to the left is the Johnson tunnel built in 1979.


A very long descent with warnings for trucks to select low gear. There is a runaway ramp in the distance. Would have to be terrifying to have to use it. After much climbing there were many steep descents and the only brakes I smelt were on a camper, none of the trucks of which there were many. Well done!


And still we climb up and down.


Soon after Norm's camera was gone and this is the mighty canyon we descend into and for the majority the Colorado River was thundering along on the left.


Welcome to Utah!


Changing countryside.


Grand Junction for lunch and these hills looked like petrified sand.


And red cliffs as we approach Moab.


And one for Tombo Henderson, a real Easyrider bike fueling up in Moab. Ha ha.

Bits and Bobs:


Last night we went and had another look at the sidewalk chalk drawings, which are part of a festival, on our way to dinner. Not a lot were well along so took this one for the little grandchildren.


And getting desperate for coffee as we recognise it from time to time we came across a shop in the mountains with awesome coffee and lots of great signs. Will show you two a day until they're done.


Last Two Night's Accommodation:


Courtyard by Marriott Denver Downtown, 934 16th Street, Denver, Co, 80202
Lovely hotel, lots of nice comfortable spots to sit, chill, eat or drink. Free wifi. Guest laundry and gym. Rooms lovely and comfortable and yet another lovely comfortable bed. Happy it was a two night stay, good spot to have for a base.