Carmel Via Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park & Hearst Castle to Moonstone Beach, Cambria, California 93428 - 15,617ms

Jul 03, 2015

We had barely started out and started stopping to take photos as we did for the rest of the day and the other thing which didn't stop for the rest of the day was the sea mist / fog / great rolling bank of cloud which moved in and out to and from the coast. We loved the ride winding in and out of the great sandy dunes / cliff faces which were incredibly well covered with succulents, shrubs, pampas grass, remnants of redwood forests and eucalypts depending on how far from the coast we were and later in the day around the Hearst Castle open grassland even with a mob (?) of zebras we didnt get a shot of. Mind you, we only had to be one sand dune away from the coast to be immersed in the cool dampness of the forest. Awesome.


Barely started our ride and this is the first stop amongst spectacular real estate.


Secluded inlet on Wildcat Creek.


Heading out from Carmel proper.


More rocks.



Above Rocky Creek Bridge and below the Bixby Bridge, both built in 1932.



A lighthouse on a quirky little promontory with locked gate and no way to get there.


The McWay Falls, very nice.


Yet another beach and fog.


Apparently a known area for rock slides so a more serious treatment than some mesh.


Yet another bridge.


And another bridge.


And a bank of cloud rolling in. In places we were above this bank and it looked like we were in an aircraft with the cloud billowing below us. Bizarre.


A beach full of elephant seals relaxing and flicking the sand over themselves.


And two at play / being amarous with possible other suitors waiting in the wings.


We went to see the Hearst Castle but being the 4th of Juy holiday weekend all slots were taken today and nothing available until late tomorrow so instead we watched the video about the building of the castle and that was enough for Norm.


And down to Simeon Beach and there were huge numbers of birds just having fun climbing on the thermals.

Last two Night's Accommodation:


Best Western Carmel'sTown House Lodge, Corner of San Carlos Street and Fifth Aveue, Csrmel, CA 93921

Lovely little town / village to be in. Pulled up and wondered if this was a bit of a scary place to be, it looked very 'old and dated' though clean and tidy from outside and inside thankfuly beautifully refurbished so a delight. Comfortable space, roomy bathroom (disabled friendly so a shower, yay, even with a fold down seat so friendly for old weary campers, ha ha). Delicious bed, included WiFi,  parking and continental breakfast and a short walk to lots of restaurant choices and all sorts of shopping choices as well.....shame about hearing every footstep from the room above, their creaking wardrobe door and every time they flush the loo. Well I guess that's what you get with older properties. The value was good though compared to others available.