Carmel Via Pinos Point Lighthouse, Pacific Grove & Lovers Point to Carmel, California 93921 - 15,457ms

Jul 02, 2015

We had planned to do the 17 mile ride through the Pebble Beach area (a private road) today to be turned away as they have decided motorbikes aren't welcome, so stuff them we just enjoyed our own ride anyway without seeing their snobby little enclave.


This is the most deliberately un-service station looking service station we have ever seen even down to a dark green shell with pale yellow writing, on the opposite corner to our motel in Carmel.


And a particularly quirky shop with a really cute shingled roof. I have to stop with this one because if I start with more I won't stop.


On the beach at Carmel. Beautiful pacific ocean white sand we are familiar with at home.


Point Pinos Lighthouse, the oldest operating lighthouse on the west coast of the USA. First lit in February 1855.


Pretty beach not far from the lighthouse. There were a number of attractive golf courses in the area as well with literally the 10th hole for one of them on the other side of the lighthouse car park.


And a very nice house literally across the road from the beach at Lovers Point. Stunning view.


Harbour Seal hang out at Lovers Point. They can dive up to 1,500 feet for around 30minutes but usually only dive for about 5 minutes and obviously not as deeply as that.


And  a Mum and Pup as well as another adult. They vary in colour from mottled grey to brown to black and to read the official description are described as 'sausage shaped'.


Seven Gables Inn one of many sweet accommodation options at Lovers Point.


Sheltered little beach which also has a volleyball court and a pool one as well.


Main Street Lovers Point where we had lunch. Considering the number of people all through the street in Carmel the streets here were surprisingly quiet. There were alternate street plantings here of orange and red flowering gums.


And a beach as we head south to get back on the road to Carmel around Pebble Beach. Oooh aaah.