Christchurch... still ...

Christchurch... still ...

Jan 28, 2019

Mmm well we started the day learning we are unlikely to collect our bikes today so decided to do some more exploring.

To say we are gob smacked at the devastation all around us would be an understatement and I cannot imagine how much more so it must be for the residents themselves. Blocks and blocks and blocks of leveled rubble being used as car parks and repair and rebuilding evident everywhere. The bonus of that as we heard yesterday is that you get to reimagine and reinvent the city to suit a population in 2019 and we saw evidence of that in generous and imaginative public spaces and shared foot and tram areas including where there were previously roads. Looks impressive! 

As well as the frenetic construction all around us there are many examples of efforts to soften the impact with garden areas and murals and apparently Lonely Planet now says Christchurch is a worldleader in street murals.


The new convention center  which is already taking bookings for February next year ... hope that's not too hopeful.


More construction and a clever use of containers giving safe pedestrian access and cover in the rain. Very clever and reuseable for future construction.


Softening the edges of constrution with some greenery.


And with a bit of fun greenery beside an empty space with a sign on the car door which says Greening the Rubble.


Some of the mural work.


And again.


And again.


New city speed limits.


No motorbike parking on the footpath here but some parking available without charge which is good...and okay for the purists I know it's a scooter but you get the idea.


The Transitional Cathedral. Very temporary construction lined with cardboard and what looks like plastic roofing. You can see the containers at the side as well.


And on the inside.


A rudimentary memorial of 185 chairs of all sizes and description in memory of the 185 people who died in the earthquake.


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