An overview of our products, services and markets / How we have developed and grown our business

The BRANSTRANS fleet reflects the diverse customer base it services and may be seen in Gippsland
and throughout eastern Australia supporting the building power, mining and road construction industries
to name a few.

The mix of prime movers and an assortment of trailers including flat tops, taut liners, drop decks and
low loaders is enhanced by the distinctive company livery and the occasional use of our 1948 fully
restored Bedford Growth has been progressive but we have never lost sight of our philosophy that all
things are possible with sufficient notice, planning and cooperation. This means sometimes taking on
the jobs that other companies don’t want to or cannot do and our networks with other companies give
us the resilience to tackle large and long jobs.

Even so, one of the best things we have to offer customers is our openness to what they need done,
and working to make it happen.
Innovative company design supported by vehicle manufacturers has also seen gains in productivity and
flexibility of operation to our customer’s advantage.

Bottom line while road transport is the service we provide for our customers and trucks are the vehicles
we do that with, our business is largely about the management of change and it’s our people and our
willingness to see what needs to be done combined with the commitment to make a job happen that
sets us apart from our competitors.

Of significance is our active history of involvement within our local community and our industry locally,
regionally and nationally with multiple industry association memberships and regular seminar and
conference attendances to maintain a progressive perspective on how we can achieve our goals within
the context of the regulations we need to operate within and progressively implement cutting edge
technology when it is industry tested and cost effective.

Our journey has seen us develop systems to manage our whole operation in the context of:

•   minimizing risks to our personnel, other road users and our customers, their people and freight
•   actively encouraging the pursuit of good health, ongoing training and zero accidents
•   optimising equipment and vehicle specifications to maximise payloads and capacity
•   enabling flexibility of operations maximising vehicle productivity and achieving customers goals
•   establishing interactive networks with other operators to increase our capacity and options
•   providing opportunities for staff to interact with their families through flexible schedules and rostering
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