Hornby (Christchurch)

Hornby (Christchurch)

Jan 29, 2019

Yes, that's right we are still in Christchurch and we won't have our bikes until tomorrow at the earliest. Since we couldn’t extend our booking at our previous hotel, we booked near the Container importer so we can swing into action as soon as possible .... which at this stage looks like being tomorrow at the earliest, hopefully will be? We have cancelled one night’s accommodation transferred another to another night as well as our ferry crossing (thanks Sue from Travel Plus, an angel as always) but enough depressing news for one day .... oh, that's right I cannot import my photos onto my notebook for some reason. I'm hoping it's because it seems a bit like steam driven Wi-Fi here so will try again when we move on and if it's still crapola then I might use the notebook as a frisbee!

Before we left Christchurch, we went for another stroll, had a coffee and visited the new library which was an uplifting experience. It is a wonderful building with a magnificent central timber staircase under a massive skylight roof and it really was uplifting to be in there. We spoke to one of the staff sharing our experience of the building who said when it was first opened many people used to come in and just cry when they experienced the beauty of the building rising above the city and looking out at the devastation of what was largely an unrecognisable city from a safe place. Was a powerful conversation.

We also had some great views out into the city which was uplifting seeing the vibrant new additions to the vistas as well as sad seeing such incredible devastation. I have a collection of photos of all that which I can hopefully add over time when internet speeds and my patience both improve.

Our overall observations of Christchurch are that it is no longer the incredibly picturesque reflection of English cities it once was but is growing into a vibrant new modern city with wonderful restful and welcoming gathering spots with many seating options all over the city just begging the population to gather, chill and rest a while. Napier is considered the Art Deco capital of New Zealand after being rebuilt following a massive earthquake in that period and I suspect Christchurch will be the Modern 2020 capital when it is fully restored and if the current progress is any indication it will be spectacular. I wish them well.


One of the many cheerful spaces in the new library.


And the awesome central staircase


An example of many of the gathering / seating options throughout the central part of the city.


Yet another mural.

Last 3 nights’ accommodation:

Rendezvous Hotel Christchurch

166 Gloucester Street

Christchurch NZ 8011

Hmm, seem to have lost the pic so you will need to Google it.

Small but practical King room albeit starting to show a little wear and tear and small but nicely fitted out bathroom. Staff helpful and cheerful. On-site ‘Straits’ restaurant served a very nice meal and the bar looked to be doing a good trade as well. Side door leads into the Cathedral Junction complex complete with tram stop as well as being across the road from New Regent Street which is a restored mall with 1920’s store fronts which looks quirky and was bustling all times of day and night. The hotel is a handy spot to stay with only a short walk to Cathedral Square and lots of parks and shopping options if that’s what floats your boat.


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