Hanmer Springs & return Via Springs Junction, Reefton, towards Murchison then back to Springs Junction 4,880 kms

Feb 16, 2019

Heavy rain overnight and again this morning. I had already decided to have a chill day today, but Norm wanted to check out an alternate route to yesterday’s ride so planned to leave around 7 …which ended up being around 9.30 which was some time before the rain stopped and brilliant sunshine followed ever so briefly. I wandered around the little village between misty showers and found the village is totally unpretentious and delightful and then had a massage in the afternoon, as I do when I can. I am on holidays after all. Norm on the other hand encountered more sunshine and texted me 2 photos only … both of his bike of course. He redeemed himself by also taking a couple of others as well



A misty morning in Hanmer Springs …. and for most of the day.


Some of the remains of the Queen Mary Hospital 1916 – 2003 which treated soldiers post WW I and WW II as well as acting as a sanitorium and covering several other health areas over the years. The buildings are now deserted but the community has preserved the site. I hope they can find long term use for them, so they don’t deteriorate any further. Reminded me of my early days in nursing forever ago.


And the spa, on the same site as the original hospital where one used ‘to take to the waters’ and still do both locals and tourists alike.


Just lounging about here, but also lots of space for those who want to relax more enthusiastically with slides and much squealing.


Maruia Falls, very nice.


A sample of lots of the greenery we rode through yesterday and he again today.


And of course, the bike early in the day (the first one I got).


And we should have had a panorama shot. The bridge and part of the valley outside Hanmer Springs.


And then the second shot of the bike not long before he got back with the huge valley behind around 500 - 600m across he estimates.