Paihia to Cape Reinga and return 2,645 kms

Feb 07, 2019

Rain overnight and patchy this morning so definitely made the right call for our cruise yesterday. Temperature a little more comfortable also.

The team split up today. Norm headed for Cape Reinga the northern most tip of the North Island, and I opted for a sleep in and a quiet day of wandering through shops, buying another book and generally chilling and making out like I’m on holidays.

The pics are a mix of Russell which we visited yesterday and will also take the car ferry to tomorrow when we head off and some from Norm’s ride today. Russell was originally established as a whaling town known as the Hell Hole of the Pacific with heaps of hotels and bordellos and no law and order. When the whaling left a lot of hotels closed and a few bordellos and gradually law and order arrived. Is a beautiful spot now.


The Duke of Marlborough Hotel Russell, Operating since 1827 … legally since1840. A beautifully preserved building where we had lunch yesterday. Would love to stay here sometime.


A view out to the harbour from the hotel on the Strand. Picturesque to say the least.


Norm’s breakfast spot at Cable Bay.


A little damp at Cable Bay and got more so as he headed further north. Got back to Paihia very damp but elated.


Massive sand dunes visible from the Cape


And a beautiful beach, but a long climb down to get to it.


Not to mention the Cape Reinga Lighthouse which is a long trek from the carpark. This is the most northerly point of the Cape.