Te Anau to Milford Sound & return (2nd half of pics) 6,553 kms

Feb 23, 2019

Well we have travelled to Milford Sound via coach years ago, but I guess the view looked like lots of cliff faces but the ride meant we could see all the peaks and mountains and oh my goodness what a treat. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.


Milford Sound.


The old and new side by side – Tutoko Bridge, the whole road is incredible infrastructure investment and effort!


And then there is a tunnel which has operating traffic lights from 8pm to 6am! Good luck after that. On the Te Anaua side (this side) the tunnel entrance is 2,300 feet above sea level and after an initial incline is all downhill.


And this is the Milford Sound side. The little shed thing in the background is the start of the tunnel from this side.


Yep that’s snow again.

 IMG_7029 (1).jpg

And a stop at Falls Creek was incredible and didn’t know which way to look. Decided to show you this one.


And then on the way back into Te Anaua is Lake Gunn.