Jamestown NY to Binghamton NY – 1,346km (386kms travelled today)

Jamestown NY to Binghamton NY – 1,346km (386kms travelled today)

Aug 22, 2019

Another hot and humid day. Early in the day we went past a sign to the Kinzua area and were reminded of a trip we had done to previously to see the Kinzua Bridge which was awesome. Search Kinzua on the blog and you will find it. Well worth the look.

We rode through lots of rolling forested hills throughout the day as well as farmland with crops as well as some cattle. Our coffee spot was in the little village of Angelica which was a treat. All kinds of pretty but again struggling. We were blown away by a little circle park as we entered town which had 5 Churches around it, a couple of houses and a Post Office. Very quirky.

Binghamton a bit larger town than some we’ve seen and some affluent areas but again some very tired areas with many challenges.


Jamestown view.


Jamestown view.


Angelica, all kinds of pretty.


Angelica, welcoming.


Angelica, around the circle, 2 of the 5 churches.


This is the seecnd of a series of signs before a Text / Rest stop. The first sign says "It can wait Text / Rest area 5 miles ahead' then this one is 1 mile before the stop.


And this one as you leave. They are sponsored by various businesses. Great idea.


And the Holiday Inn we stayed at.

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