Buffalo NY to London ON – 8,712kms (298kms travelled today)

Sep 19, 2019

To start, I should announce that my phone was ringing when we got into our hotel room last night and we were shocked to see our daughter Rosey with a newborn baby, she was supposed to be induced today but ended up with an emergency caesarean. Little Arlo is in the special care nursery but doing well and will hopefully be out of there very soon. It goes without saying that he is perfect!

Back to the trip. We left the long johns in the case today figuring that we weren’t going to have any mountain riding like yesterday and that most of the hills were behind us and we were right with mostly undulating to flat land throughout today and comfortable temperatures throughout. We rode through heaps of corn fields and all sorts of agriculture including orchards, berries, pumpkin and vegetables of all descriptions, some of which we were struggling to identify. We have been in Canada since the first few minutes of our trip and have found the housing quite different to the USA. Overall there appears to be very little marginal housing and more brick being used as well as various timber finishes rather than vinyl cladding and consistently good quality along Route where we travelled. The big highlight was to visit Niagara Falls


And there we are in Niagara Falls.


One of the Fall faces.


And the other, the horseshoe.

 IMG_8399 (1).png

And all together.

IMG_8412 (1).png 

Some of the manicured gardens at the falls.

 18 09 19 parking ticket.png

Our parking ticket and the infringement issued when we had 30 minutes left! Norm tracked down the Policeman who was apologetic. $12 to park was enough without a fine on top when we weren’t out of time.

 IMG_8749 (2).png

And it’s all happening back from the falls.

 IMG_8786 (2).png

And again.

 IMG_8793 (2).png

Farm autumn colour (since we are in Canada) and wind turbine. Have seen a few throughout our trip.

 IMG_8801 (2).png

Another barn.


80km straight roads nearly all day is mesmerising …. nap time.

And some work shots. Rigs in yard.

 IMG_8812 (2).png

And again.


And what exactly is that???

 IMG_8817 (2).png

Some more nice real estate.

 IMG_8818 (2).png

And again

 18 08 19 idlewyld.png

And tonight, is a highlight staying at the Idlewyld Inn & Spa in London Ontario. All kinds of lovely including a delicious dinner and a buffet breakfast will start our day in the morning. The only downside was a slowere mthan ideal Wifi but I guess you can't have everything.

 18 19 19 idlewyld bikes.png

And a view of the bikes from our dinner spot which is the front of the little round room on the right above. Heavenly.