Coldwater MI to west Chicago IL– 9,485kms (355kms travelled today)

Sep 20, 2019

The morning dawned a little foggy and comfortably cool, and gradually cleared and warmed up with temperatures expected in the 80F range this afternoon. We followed Route 12 until close into Chicago to stay off turnpikes and experience more of the country and it was a treat. The countryside was pretty with lots of different sorts of agriculture happening. Attractive little towns and settlements and overall gently undulating and leafy terrain and in what seemed no time at all we were pulling into Dupage Honda & Yamaha and catching up with Mike, Mark and all the team These guys have been awesome in sorting our bikes for us to make it all possible and will do the same before our return next year.

 IMG_8887 (2).png

A very nice house in the surrounds of Coldwater … it’s always an awesome one that brings out the camera, this one was the next but still very nice.

 IMG_8891 (2).png

Lovely town buildings as we continued.

 IMG_8893 (2).png

And that would be the thumbs up for the ride, the view, the holiday and the whole experience.

 IMG_8900 (2).png

All sorts of different farms to be seen.

 IMG_8902 (2).png

And attractive towns.

 IMG_8904 (2).png

Effective marketing for on farm marketing .... hopefully.

 IMG_8905 (2).png

Halloween approaching and there are pumpkins everywhere.

 IMG_8906 (2).png

 And that's a quick grab at a quaint old bridge as we turned onto another road. It's no longer used.

 IMG_8908 (2).png

Intensive farming support.

 IMG_8920 (2).png

Barns still in evidence.

 IMG_8922 (2).png

Serious farming efforts here.


Loved this sign at the Truckstop where we stopped for lunch and the announcements over the loudspeaker for shower bookings and the like were also great. So good to see and hear the truckers / truckies being valued and respected.


As we headed back to the bikes after lunch the Sherriff’s car pulled up beside us, in the employees car park spot. As the guy got out of the passenger side and said hi I could have told him we were about to go so they could have our parking spot but no, the opportunity for a photo was far too good.

 IMG_8929 (2).png

And there we are back at Dupage Honda & Yamaha to hand the bikes over and feeling very plesed with our efforts. It was an awsome ride and we loved every minute of it especially catching up with Ashley in NYC and Kevin and family in Louisiana, not to mention only experiencing 1 wet day (heading into Toledo) being our first day out with about 2 inches of ran in half an hour!

 20 09 19 chicago.png

Our hotel for tonight is the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference centre.

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