Cooperstown NY to Buffalo NY – 8,414kms (390kms travelled today)

Sep 17, 2019

We opted to add the long johns today as it was cool and were grateful for them except for the last hour (1.5kms) in a snail pace dribble over some of the interstate to our exit 200m from our hotel. The only respite from the heat was briefly under an overpass or two and in the shade of trucks …. Not enough.  But that said we had a beautiful day of riding along Route 28 then Route 20 through lots of farmland forest and cute little communities. More eagles soaring and lots of pumpkins in evidence as the locals get ready for Halloween.

We particularly loved Skaneateles Auburn and Seneca Falls with Skaneateles (pronounced as skinny atlas) being knobs hill (our opinion) and the next two in descending order of status going on the real estate. The first incredible, the second just beautiful and third still quite lovely.

 IMG_8601 (2).png

Creative use of a bale elevator.


Great view of a lake in passing.


A part work shot. I'd seen this truck earlier but wasn't quick enough to get a photo so was chuffed when I came back from my walk to find Norm had snapped this.

 IMG_8355 (1).png

Found a little community recreation park (closed) but went for a walk and startled some ducks.

IMG_8623 (2).png 

 An old-time clothesline … and a trailer in the back yard.

 IMG_8635 (2).png

Serious intensive farming in this area.

 IMG_8369 (2).png

Specie real estate,

 IMG_8661 (2).png

And again.

And again.

IMG_8682 (2).png 

Another great bridge.

 IMG_8685 (2).png

A wildlife reserve complete with eagles or osprey nests on the top of transmission towers. We’ve seen these elsewhere in the states on previous trips. They are quite a hazard to themselves not to mention the power supply.

 IMG_8693 (2).png

The sunflowers are about done.

 IMG_8372 (1).png

No stopping on pavement … would be more than happy to oblige! The last 1.5km took us 1 hour!

 IMG_8720 (2).png

Hotel foyer display.

17 09 19 buffalo.png 

And our hotel for the night the Buffalo Grand Hotel, some of it not as grand as it used to be.

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