Hershey PA to Stroudsburg PA– 7,529kms (246kms travelled today)

Sep 12, 2019

We  set out this morning aware that there were forecasts for scattered thunderstorms in all the areas we would be travelling through so were relieved and somewhat surprised that we didn’t encounter any rain until about 30kms before our destination so we decided to forego lunch and make a run for it and soon changed direction from the storm before getting really wet and didn’t get any more rain until after we were in. Yay! We enjoyed the ride through picturesque Pennsylvania farmland and forested hills with all sorts and sizes of communities along Route 209. Very nice travelling, lots of windy bits and not much traffic.

We doubled back from Hershey to Harrisburg at the start of the day to find route 209 which gave us a perfect opportunity to check out the Rockville Bridge which is the longest stone masonry arch railroad bridge in the world built between 1900 & 1902 by Pennsylvania Rail. It has 48 arches, is 3,820 feet long and replaced an iron one built in 1877 which replaced a timber one built between 1847 to 1849.

 IMG_8248 (2).png

Great timing. A coal train crossing. Was still crossing when we turned around and came back.

 IMG_8251 (2).png

And the other side.

 IMG_8260 (2).png

Lots of little towns along the way, many of them several kms long with houses right on the street like these and only 2 – 3 streets deep..

 IMG_8266 (2).png

Coffee at a Diner in Pottsville on this little square.


Many ups and downs in roads in the country as well as the towns.

 IMG_8278 (2).png

Nearly in and so is the rain.


We had a genuine American hotdog for a late lunch which was yummy.


And of course, it started to rain while we ate. My handbag served as a very inefficient umbrella on the way back to the motel.

 IMG_8281 (2).png

The Pocono Plaza Inn, under restoration…….

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