Marion VA to Warm Springs VA– 6,728kms (334kms travelled today)

Sep 09, 2019

The day was cooler than we have had since heading north and warmed slowly and was comfortable overall. We have continued riding through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia and a slight change in colour is becoming slightly more obvious and this afternoon leaf litter on the ground was getting evident and we were enjoying a confetti effect on the quieter roads. Lovely. We spent a good part of the day on Route 311 which was a treat. Lots of little settlements of varying size and stature. We even saw a small number of cattle grazing and one very small flock of sheep. Getting into more country where one’s efforts need to be self-sustaining I suspect. We were told if we went to White Sulphur Springs we would be able to find the boneyard for the ‘Barnyard Builders’ show. We found the town but not the timber but loved the roads.

IMG_7948 (1).png 

An unusual truck and axle configuration. No idea what it is or what it does.

 IMG_7950 (2).png

Morning coffee in Salem and we were impressed with the Roanoke College Buildings everywhere

IMG_7962 (2).png 

Great hills to climb up and down, yum.

 IMG_7966 (2).png

Lovely country view USA style.

 IMG_7998 (2).png

And another one.

 IMG_8024 (2).png

Paint Banks settlement had some lovely buildings and a quirky Swing Bridge café at the general store for lunch.

 IMG_8025 (2).png

Great barns still in use.

 IMG_8026 (2).png

Quirky bridge … and Norm in place obviously … wondered where he got to.

IMG_8048 (2).png 

Village of Bacya, all kinds of cute and quirky. Loved a roadside sign which said, ‘Drive like your Kids live here’.

And tonight, we are staying in the Barley Suite in the Millers House at the Inn at Gristmill Square. This is the restaurant where I plan to have a well-deserved drink very soon.

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