Pigeon Forge TN to Marion VA – 6,394kms (423kms travelled today)

Sep 08, 2019

he day started comfortably cool but warmed up rapidly though not as hot overall as yesterday. We travelled largely on country roads though a few were dual lane, even so we encountered very little traffic until we were on the Interstate and heading for Marion this afternoon. We loved travelling through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina and then on into Virginia. Amazed at how much grass and farmland we have seen including hay bales in evidence and no cattle at all. Okay the countryside was predominantly forest but even so, it feels weird for us. At one stage we doubled back for a few kilometres not being able to find the connection to a town we were headed for but were rewarded with travelling along the Windy Gap Lane. What a treat! It was so pretty and at least as windy as the Dragon Tail yesterday just not for the same distance and there were heaps of little settlements barns and buildings …. Again, no cattle but saw one property with 3 donkeys so we suspect tree changer rather than long term local. Sort of confirms the feedlot beef theory except for big Texas country perhaps.

IMG_7880 (2).png 

This one’s for Norm. A bad ass ute he saw in the carpark with all sorts of things that wouldn’t be allowed at home.


Some of many specie cars in the hotel carpark this morning. The owner of the Ford introduced himself as Joe Hatfield, the great grandson of William Anderson ‘Devil Anse’ Hatfield who was part of the original Hatfield & McCoy feud. He told me Kevin Costner played his Great Grandfather in the movie.

IMG_7884 (2).png 

And not to be outdone one of the theatre dinner options in Pigeon Forge is the feud itself.

 IMG_7882 (2).png

Beyond Lens, typical of some of the ‘out there’ family entertainment in town.


Heading out of town Norm was impressed with this.

 IMG_7911 (1).png

The sign is self-explanatory, in the town where we stopped or a cold drink.

 IMG_7917 (1).png

A stretch of wildflowers sown along one of the dual lanes in the median strip.

 IMG_7919 (2).png

One of many barns, all timber in all sorts of condition.

Typical of the views on the Windy Gap Lane.

 IMG_7934 (1).png

A view from an Overlook in North Carolina. Was a specie bit of road, steep grades and 2 runaway truck runoffs. The first was in line with the road but the second headed off at such an angle if a runaway truck tried to get in it laying it on its ide would be inevitable. A bit weird.


We’ve seen the start of some colour showing in trees and Norm returned from the Overlook with some evidence of it.

 IMG_7941 (1).png

We’re staying tonight in an Historic Hotel, the Francis Marion Hotel, a lovely old building in a quaint little town of approximately 6,000 people.

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