Poughkeepsie PA to Cooperstown NY – 8,024kms (243kms travelled today)

Sep 16, 2019

We started with grey skies and a light dusting of the wet stuff at some point, but a clear blue sky soon made its way through the clouds and the day has been just lovely to travel in. We wound our way through lots of forest and farmland and delighted to see a lot of trees starting to colour up and have arrived this afternoon in Cooperstown where all things Baseball happen. There are baseball Museums, this is the home of Cooperstown bats, there is a Baseball Stars Wax Museum and even the Baseball Hall of Fame. Apart from that the town is just a delight with picturesque houses and leafy streets. Just beautiful.

 IMG_8460 (2).png

Rondout Yacht Basin bridge, quirky … but a 3-ton load limit?


Ahh, that would explain the load limit. Probably about to dissolve in a rust cloud.

Ahh a cute bridge in Lexington.

 IMG_8486 (2).png

Love the farm buildings.

IMG_8495 (2).png 

A change of colour slowly happening.

Awesome barn.

IMG_8298 (1).png 

Prattville Diner for lunch.


Country roads.

 IMG_8538 (2).png

And again.


Into Cooperstown and there is a definite Art Deco feel in the street.


And again.

 IMG_8341 (1).png

A lot of specie real estate in Cooperstown.

 IMG_8345 (2).png

And again.


And the Railroad Inn, used to be a feed supplier building in the railway precinct.

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