Stroudsburg PA to Poughkeepsie PA - 7,781kms (252kms travelled today)

Sep 13, 2019

Without trying to stick to country roads we did anyway because we headed for the country township of Bethel which was where the Woodstock Music Festival was held in 1969 and found a largely sparsely settled old area which I doubt would have survived without the festival apart from a few farms. Woodstock was held on a dairy farm on the edge of town which is now a terraced community space used for all sorts of functions. It reminded us of Lardner Park plus it has a Museum to all things Woodstock and the arts as well.

 IMG_8150 (1).png

We diverted off the road to check out the Dingmans Falls which were a comfortable walk on a recycled plastic boardwalk and even though it is the end of summer there was still some water coming over the top.

IMG_8140 (1).png 

The forest was predominantly Hemlock trees with lower coverage of rhododendrons. It must look magnificent when they are in bloom. They are also under attack by a Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) an aphid like insect from Asia responsible for the severe decline and mortality of up to 80% of Hemlock Trees in the Shenandoah National Park! But enough doom and gloom this is a still section of water on the way to the falls.

IMG_8167 (1).png 

We came across a picturesque little village of Milford and this is the Community Centre.


And then it was off on the road again.


And then it was off to find Woodstock territory, and this is some of what we saw. A Hippie VW … sort of.

 IMG_8315 (2).png

The only serious looking farm we saw.

 IMG_8316 (2).png

A photo of a poster in our lunch spot.

 IMG_8317 (2).png

And an Ariel view ….. unbelievable.

 IMG_8171 (1).png

Lunch was at a little country store which is depicted in the board outside. At the time of Woodstock, it was a store with petrol as well as being the Post Office. Just a little store and café now.

 IMG_8170 (2).png

The board with pics from the day.


 IMG_8172 (1).png

A plaque outside the museum.

 IMG_8322 (2).png

About to head through the toll booth before Poughkeepsie.


The walking bridge from the station.

 IMG_8326 (2).png

And the station itself.


And Norm found Ashley at the station and brought him back to the Inn.

 IMG_8324 (2).png

The Marriott Residence Inn, where we will stay for 3 nights. A lovely 2-bedroom apartment and couldn’t be more opposite in all respects to last nights’ accommodation (all of which have been our choice).

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