08/02 Exploring Auckland (NI) – 2,266kms (0kms travelled today).

Feb 08, 2020

The pictures tell the story. A lovely kick back day exploring Auckland with a hop on hop off tour.


Cute house across the street from our accommodation. There are lots of pretty and also expensive timber houses throughout the city.

IMG_9108 (2).JPG 

Parnell Rose Garden.


Holy Trinity Cathedral.


From one side of the city to the other.

IMG_9168 (2).JPG 

Museum in the Domain, awesome building and awesome Domain with sporting fields of all descriptions.


Skytower. Hmmm, will have to find out how I turn that around, it wasn't like that before....


Viaduct Harbour where we lunched.

 IMG_9194 (2).JPG

And a lovely sailing ship of some description … can you tell I don't sail?


One of the cruise ships heading out of the harbour.

IMG_9217 (2).JPG 

A work shot.

 IMG_9232 (2).JPG

Devonport at the end of our ferry ride. Very cute.


Back to Auckland with the skyline behind the lovely old Ferry Terminal Building. A shame to see it being dwarfed by so many towering buildings.