09/02 Auckland to Paihia (NI) – 2,629kms (363kms travelled today).

Feb 09, 2020


An awesome day riding today and largely cool and cloudy until late this afternoon when it got very warm. We saw a huge variety of countryside and loved taking it all in. Again, the pictures tell the story.

IMG_9029 (2).JPG 

A quirky building in Paparoa, our fuel up stop.

 IMG_9046 (2).JPG

Coming out of Dargaville, a delicious scent of saltwater.

 IMG_9049 (2).JPG

Continuing, lots of flax as we have also seen all over the country thus far.


Getting ready to see the Largest Kauri Tree in New Zealand and thankfully only a short walk. Hmmm supposed to be portrait shot.

 08 02 2020 giant kauri.jpg

Awesome! 17.7m trunk height, 51.5m total height, 13.8m trunk girth, 2,445cubicm trunk volume and incredible to see.


Heading for Paihia.


Looking out over Omapera Beach and the sand dune beyond...I remember this car park from last year and I'm not going into it!

 IMG_9122 (2).JPG

Looking out over Omapera beach.

 IMG_9132 (2).JPG

This is how you get your boat home apparently.



Haruru Falls, almost into Paihia.

 IMG_9259 (2).JPG

The view from our balcony and yes that's a hot tub. Yummy BBQ dinner tonight, the boys excelled!


Our accommodation for the next three nights. What a lovely warm and accommodating welcome by our host to our accommodation and what a delight to find an exceedingly clean and well-appointed and maintained property. We joked perhaps we needed a bit of deprivation for the last two nights to appreciate an awesome place here, actually that is rubbish, but we certainly appreciated coming to the Blue Pacific Quality Apartment at Paihia tonight. Aaahhh.