13/02 Hamilton Lake Via Pirongia and Urenui to New Plymouth (NI) – 3,778kms (254kms travelled today).

Feb 13, 2020

A light fog which rolled back to the hills and a comfortable days riding up and down terrific climbs and around tight and sweeping corners and jaw dropping geography in all directions … you’d almost think this country used to be on the bottom of the ocean floor and was ejected above it in great heaving lumps and here it’s stayed … oh hang on it has. Just as well I had to get in to phone into a NTC meeting or we may have been all day stopping to take photographs.


Hamilton Lake as we headed out of town.


Breakfast @ Pirongi and a very quirky coffee machine.

 IMG_9319 (2).JPG



A work shot at roadworks.

IMG_9340 (2).JPG 


 IMG_9359 (2).JPG


Quirky little shed and man look at the size of that grate!

 IMG_9378 (2).JPG

Not long seen the first of the ocean for the day.

 IMG_9357 (2).JPG

The Three sisters and Elephant – Tangaporuta. The big one in front is / was the elephant which used to have a trunk until the archway disappeared into the ocean.

IMG_9402 (2).JPG 

And these are the 6 sisters.

 IMG_9403 (2).JPG

And a couple of old codgers.

 IMG_9407 (2).JPG

Mmmm, does this make us ambulance chasers? In any case we overtook it on a passing lane.

IMG_9410 (2).JPG 




Lunch @ Urenui.


IMG_9429 (2).JPG 

Tonight’s accommodation, Abode on Courtenay Motor Inn. Very nicely laid out, clean and handy to whatever we need. 155 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth 4601.

And then while I had my meeting the troops found there was a show and shine on leading up to their big American Car Show this coming weekend so that's where we went for a look and for dinner.