15/02 Taumarunui Via Tangitu to Rotorua (NI) – 4,292kms (195kms travelled today).

Feb 15, 2020

A less challenging ride but still plenty of corners climbs and yummy scenery. We even climbed into a bit of fog before breakfast and apart from encountering scattered lines of foot runners undertaking the Great Lakes Relay in the high country we had an uneventful ride before getting into Rotorua where we visited the Redwoods Recreation Park, had lunch in town and rode around some of the historic sights then enjoyed a taste of Maori culture and had a thoroughly enjoyable night at the Mita Maori Village including tours and a hungi.

 IMG_9597 (2).JPG

Parking area around our very welcome breakfast stop.

 IMG_9600 (2).JPG

And over the dam wall as we leave with a hint of the geography to come.

 IMG_9605 (3).JPG

On the road.

 IMG_9619 (2).JPG

An awesome magma plug with the top of the volcano eroded away.


The tree walk at the Redwoods.


The old Museum which is still closed for refurbishment as it was last year. Disappointing.

 IMG_9416 (2).JPG

Heading back to the gate / entry into the park from the Museum.


At an Airbnb tonight in Springfield, reasonable cost but a long way from the CBD though up high enough for a good view … despite what looks more like smoke than haze.