07/03 Exploring Dunedin (SI) – 7,764ms (50kms travelled today).

Mar 07, 2020

An enjoyable day was had visiting Larnach Castle then Olveston House, both vastly different and beautiful in their own ways.

IMG_1286 (2).JPG 

The Dunedin Railway Station said to be the most photographed building in New Zealand.

IMG_1290 (2).JPG 

Morning view across Otago Harbour on our way to Larnach.

IMG_1296 (2).JPG 

A beautiful stone wall on the way.

Sea Views on the way, it was a quirky but lovely ride.


Larnach Castle, first built without the verandas glassed in until the first winter and soon after that 16 tonne of glass was shipped from England to close them in.


Most photos inside were of intricate timber work so will concentrate on the garden outside here but this is an awesome staircase. Photos allowed inside without flash.


The garden outside what was the ballroom and is now the café. This one is called the Tapestry garden and changes colours and patterns with the seasons. The ballroom / café was a beautiful room with 3 fireplaces in it so nice and cosy today.


And again. There are many different themes in the gardens but all lovely in their own way


And a garden view again.


And again.


Olveston House from the front (no photographs allowed inside).


From the back.


A quirky little door.


The Greenhouse.


Parking instructions out front were very confusing but a parking inspector turned up  before we left so we could clarify just where we could park … which wasn’t where we were so managed to squeeze the bikes in here. The car had to go a lot further. No tickets so a good outcome.