08/03 Dunedin to Twizel (SI) – 8,186ms (422kms travelled today).

Mar 08, 2020

We had a big day and one of many and varied experiences and largely stayed dry despite a rotten forecast with a few exceptions, but we were rugged up, so it didn’t really matter. We started the day with a trip up and down the steepest street in the world (Baldwin Street Dunedin, Google it for the stats) then a wander around the beautiful building which is the Dunedin Railway Station (the most photographed building in New Zealand) then we headed for Port Chalmers (a fully working port) for a yummy breakfast before heading off through lovely undulating country, rugged country, high country mountains and plateaus, forests, rocky cliffs, sheep and cattle country and ended up in Hydro country. Incredible. The cameras were safely tucked away out of the wet for a lot of the trip.


Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world, quite a ride.


And again.

 IMG_1349 (3).JPG

And again and yes it really is that steep.

IMG_0508 (2).JPG 

The Dunedin Railway Station said to be the most photographed building in New Zealand.

IMG_1370 (2).JPG 

A cute bus shelter at St Leonards on the way to Port Chalmers.

IMG_0512 (2).JPG 

Main Street (George Street Port Chalmers), we had breakfast just to the left.


And yes, that really is a fully functioning working port at the end of the street. Love it!

 IMG_1384 (3).JPG

The Lookout above Port Chalmers.


Port and street from the lookout.


The street view, the main street heads out to the right.

 IMG_1393 (2).JPG

Sheep country.

 IMG_1394 (2).JPG

A great stone wall along the road.

 IMG_1397 (2).JPG

Historic bridge on the way.


Alexandra from the lookout, we had a late lunch here.


The road coming down from the lookout. Very rocky country, I guess why it is ideal to put a hydro dam in.


The Clyde Hydro dam wall. Impressive.


Cromwell from the lookout. We walked around and had a coffee in the heritage precinct across the water before we left a few days ago.

Mmmm, not going to worry about a photo of our accommodation tonight. Couldn’t get into where we usually go.