09/03 Twizel to Lake Tekapo (SI) – 8,391ms (205kms travelled today).

Mar 09, 2020

A lovely day for riding even if we did start off in the fog this morning, thankfully by the time we started heading to Mt Cook it started to lift and we were in the sun for the rest of the day. We decided to visit the University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory this afternoon also in case the weather was crappy in the morning and the lovely little Good Shepherd Church here in Lake Tekapo which was built as tribute to the early pioneers of the area.

 IMG 1446 (2).JPG

The first lookout spot to see Mt Cook above the fog and in our 5 trips to NZ this is the first time we have really seen it through fog or rain apart from a really really long distance view from Hokatika last year.

IMG_1451 (2).JPG

Mt Cook as we rode.

IMG_1465 (2).JPG

Getting a bit clearer.

 IMG_1466 (2).JPG

More rugged glacial mountains.

 IMG_1472 (2).JPG

Shearing shed at the foot of Mt Cook. Great admiration for the farmers up here!


 IMG_0530 (2).JPG

A view from the Mt Cook Café where we enjoyed a morning coffee.

 IMG_1504 (2).JPG

Heading back from up Hooker Valley … and yes it really is called that and no I didn’t see any.

IMG_1526 (2).JPG 

Awesome damage from the glacier as it moved downhill and gouged great sides off the mountains … not to mention the great rocks randomly dropped on the valley floor, Incredible!

IMG_1545 (2).JPG 

View back to Mt Cook as we came down. Wow!

IMG_1564 (3).JPG 

Leaving the lake with all the troops, including the car … even Norm's shoulder.

IMG_1579 (2).JPG Mt John Observatory.

 IMG_0546 (2).JPG

And a view from it.

IMG_1590 (2).JPG 

View from the Church of the Good Shepherd.

IMG_1591 (2).JPG 

And the Church itself.

IMG_1593 (2).JPG 

And our hotel reception. Peppers Bluewater Resort where we also stayed last year. A very nice location with an awesome view.