10/03 Lake Tekapo to Christchurch (SI) – 8,650ms (259kms travelled today).

Mar 10, 2020

 With rain and hail and all sorts of nastiness forecast for the weather today we were grateful that even though we saw very little of the mountains because they were wreathed in cloud we only experienced a small amount of rain and got in largely dry. The crappiest bit of the ride was a stretch of sloppy roadworks. Grrrr. The bikes and their owners didn’t like that! We spent some time browsing in the Three Creeks General Store & Trading Post in Burkes Pass and drove through much attractive farming land as well as some great glacial valleys and into and out of the Rakala Gorge at Mt Hutt. Truly Spectacular. A shame it was raining at the time or we would have had a lot more photos.

 IMG_1596 (2).JPG

The view from our room this morning before the cloud really started to roll over the mountains.

 IMG_1602 (2).JPG

And the cloud started to roll over the top of the mountains and started heading for the valley. Impressive.

IMG_1604 (2).JPG 

With varying layers of dark skies, the sun was in short supply.

IMG_1606 (2).JPG 

Quirky sights at Three Creeks.

IMG_0565 (3).JPG 

And again.

IMG_0578 (2).JPG 

And a morning coffee at Fairlie and this is the main street. A lovely tidy town.

IMG_1615 (2).JPG 

Lots of sheep country.

IMG_1621 (2).JPG 

Awesome glacial gouging leaves a clay cliff face.

IMG_1624 (2).JPG 

Dropping down into Rakala Gorge.

IMG_1626 (2).JPG 

And up the other side and that is another cliff face. Incredible.

IMG_8542 (2).JPG 

And our hotel until we leave now the Quest Christchurch Serviced apartments literally right on the hop on hop off tramline. Very convenient. Spacious room and parking underneath so good security.