13/03 Getting ready to depart Christchurch area (SI) – 8,901kms (32kms travelled today).

Mar 13, 2020

Breakfast and then a brief call in to the Harley Davidson shop and then the Indian shop before we headed to thInternational Antarctic Centre which was great and then a mad scramble from there to clean up bikes before shipping and get them to the transport yard. Now it’s review time and knocking our bags into shape to fit all the gear into head home tomorrow. It’s been an awesome trip!

 IMG_0662 (2).JPG

A hot dog stand outside the Indian bike shop. Free to customers but we contributed even though I was a customer last year (I bought my Indian leather gloves there). Was a bonus breakfast and a bit of fun. They have it every Friday apparently.

 IMG_1753 (2).JPG

The International Antarctic Centre and these are vehicles called Haggland’s which they use to travel around there and they’re very sturdy albeit a bit rough as we found out in a test drive which was fun.


The test track for the Haggland simulated lumpy ice, chasms, sea ice and swamp land. We had lap belts on but were glad there were grab straps because we needed them. This is half of a hill which simulated both a hill and a chasm. Very freaky. Oh and if you recognise the white archway in the distance the centre is in the Airport precinct.


And a swamp, they are also amphibious vehicles.


A husky, they are so friendly but no longer used in the Antarctica.


Flying to Antarctica simulation / information, well done. Loved all the simulations and videos.

Cleaning up the bikes before shipping.