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Dublin via Slane Castle and Newgrange to Dublin, Ireland (2,378km)

Jul 29, 2012

We had a bit of a lie in this morning and woke to beautiful blue skies …… with huge billowing white grey and very black clouds strewn about at random. Looked very impressive though somewhat daunting considering we planned a ride to check our Slane Castle and a Megalithic Passage Tomb at Newgrange. We had a dry trip to the castle then it rained while we were inside so we donned the wet weather gear and rode on to the tunnels.

The front of Sloane Castle where we had a coffee then did the tour followed by lunch.

We arrived to view the tunnels at 1.30pm and were told we needed to return to Newgrange to purchase tickets and come back by coach for the 3.45pm tour. Hello! We planned to do the hop on and off tour in Dublin on our return so that was never going to fly. It was also some consolation that the sky behind us as we headed back to Dublin was as black as the ace of spades….especially since we had packed the wet weather gear away.

The front entry to the Megalithic Passage Tomb taken by Norm (standing on a mound of dirt over the fence).

Best laid plans and all that, shortly after we returned and before we even got changed ‘Murphy’ had realised we’d given him the slip at Newgrange and on the way back to the hotel, but he caught up and it started raining here. Not to worry, the umbrella I left behind in Marshside desperate for space was now gone and heavens above the hotel didn’t have one to borrow so the trek didn’t happen.

Bits and Bobs:

Yesterday as Norm was getting the cases off the bikes out the front of the hotel in the rain a cab pulled up behind the bikes (in view of the Australian sign) and the cabbie said to Norm "Fook the rain, why didn’t you bring the fooking sunshine?” I kid you not. Norm was so stunned he didn’t think to say “well it’s been sunny ever since we got here”. Ha, ha, you have to laugh.