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First leg via Rosedale, Stratford (for coffee), Stockdale (locality) to the Dargo Road via Beverley’s Road, Cobbannah (locality) Waterford (locality) to Dargo and lunch.

Since it was ANZAC Day today we decided to celebrate the freedom the armed forces have fought for on our behalf and the rest of our Nations citizens in the past and continue to do so and headed for Dargo which is a spectacular ride so to go there is also a sense of celebration so somehow seemed fitting for the day.

The Wool Store near Sale

A view up the River Avon amongst the poplars and willows as they start their Autumn show and the remaining bridge uprights from many years ago. Taken from the bridge on the Princes Highway heading into Stratford

Beverley’s Road winding through pine plantations is a delight to ride. Shame the photo doesn’t do it justice

A brief glimpse of a splash of colour beside the Wonnangatta River from the Waterford Bridge

A view of a Wonnangatta River flat

Heading down the hill to Dargo nestled at the foot of the hill to the left


Second leg back down the Dargo Road and Beverley’s Road to Briagolong via the Blue Pools then on to Boisdale, Maffra, Tinamba, Cowwarr, Toongabbie, Glengarry and home.

Blue Pools near Briagolong. The two divers had been down to 7meters and the water was still quite clear. Incredibly pretty. Will definitely go back another day earlier in the day so the sun is high in the sky and the pools aren’t in the shade

Boisdale Public Hall

A view down the main street of Maffra, a picturesque little town

Maffra Memorial Hall and Library

The Tinamba Hotel late in the day and a very nice Yamaha XVS 1100

Autumn tones in Tinamba

Tips to remember for the roads we covered:

The road from Stratford to the Dargo Road is beautiful to ride. The land is gently undulating for the majority of it with gentle sweeping corners. There are few advisory signs on this stretch which doesn’t matter for all but a couple of corners so bear that in mind as you approach any corners on a crest. The terrain along the Dargo Road is definitely steeper and a lot of the corners are tighter and more challenging but well signed with advisory signs. It is also worth remembering that heavy rain or road works will leave the potential of small loose gravel washes on corners so be aware of that. Oh and try not to run off the road looking at the spectacular scenery!

Services available:
Large towns:

Fuel: Multiple choices including Premium Unleaded, most BH but also some 24hr
Accommodation: Hotel, Motel, B&B and Caravan Park and Camping options and maybe some Serviced Apartments
Food: Multiple choices from small cafes to bistro’s bars and fine restaurants
General Store / Supermarket: Multiple choices, small to large

Small towns:
Fuel: Limited and often BH only if any at all
Accommodation: Limited Hotel, B&B and Caravan Park and Camping options
Food and General Store / Supermarket: Limited and not necessarily open on weekends

Small isolated Localities:
Fuel: Not likely
Accommodation: If you’re lucky and have done your research
Food and General Store / Supermarket: Unlikely so bring your own

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After three separate attempts to navigate our way through the US Financial system we have finally completed payment for the two bikes and are beginning to put our list together for what we want fitted to them before our arrival.

You can check out a couple of photos of the bikes on the blog if you scroll down to the February 22nd entry.

In the meantime we are progressively working our way through accommodation bookings at yummy places like South Haven, Martha’s Vineyard and Newport Rhode Island and getting really excited as we check out the photographs of the properties, the surrounding countryside and attractions in the vicinity. Can’t believe it is finally happening.

I will load the itinerary when it is finalised so you can include your ‘must see /do’ suggestions for us.

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